Rick Dumas

When I was a kid my Dad would change jobs or accept transfers in order to get ahead. As a result, we moved frequently – nine times in ten years. From Kindergarten through 7th grade I was in a different school every year; always the new kid, always wondering if this is where we would stay. During this time, I decided that I would like to work in one place my whole life.

I started with KPMG out of college down in Ft. Worth, Texas. After 3 ½ years we transferred within KPMG to get my wife closer to her family. A little over a year with KPMG here in Columbus and then a short stint with Ashland Chemical as an internal auditor (way too much travel).

I was looking for a place to settle when I found an ad in the OSCPA Journal for a position with Haemmerle, Heximer, Harvey & Co. My first interview was with Rick Harvey over lunch at DaVincis. The second interview was with all three of the H guys (Rick, Mark Haemmerle and Wendell Heximer), followed by dinner at Hunan Lion. And so my connection to Hunan Lion began.
I joined the firm in January of 1989 and became a partner is August of 1995. In the 30 years since I began at HHH the experiences I have enjoyed the most involve developing relationships with clients and coworkers.

Most of the clients I work with HHH has had for 10+ years; there are several clients in their second generation of ownership. The clients I enjoy the most are those who seek our advice and act upon it because they trust us.

I have enjoyed working with a number of people in the firm over the past 30 years. I always consider that I work with people, not that they work for me. Helping them to learn their craft and develop as trusted employees and advisers to our clients is very rewarding. On the other hand, we have had our share of employees who just didn’t work out. As with most companies, we have an Employee Manual. Whenever Nick and I review it to see if there should be any changes or updates we can put a name beside almost all of the items that instigated necessary changes 🙂

Nick and I are so different in our personal lives. But when it comes to the firm we share common business philosophies which work well. It probably helps that we work in different disciplines as CPAs.

In my personal and work lives I strive to develop the sorts of long-term relationships that I didn’t have growing up. As is so often the case there is much crossover between the personal and the business. I had a T-shirt in college that I loved to wear; the slogan was “Why Be Normal?” I guess you could say that is a good tagline for my life.